Whistlepig 10 years

"One of the best noses I have found so far in a rye whisky, lovely!"

(Photo from Whiskybase)

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Whistlepig has already built up a reputation the last couple of years with their rye whisky. With master distiller Dave Pickerel on board, they started by sourcing a large batch 10-year old Canadian rye whisky that according them “profoundly misused”, that is for blending. Next to releasing this 10-year-old whisky, they also filled different (fortified) wine casks with it to add an additional finish of 2 years. Nowadays, they blend ryes of different ages, including some young rye distilled on their own farm. Today, we will have the original 10-year old rye that was still coming from Canada.


Beautiful nose with all the typical rye notes. Spices (pepper, caraway, aniseed), a whole basket of different types of bread and minty freshness. Very well balanced with enough power (but not too much). It has got a depth that many of these sourced ryes miss. Some pine tree resin, cake, cookies, mint chocolate, cappuccino, filter coffee and pumpkin pie. There is even that raspberry/strawberry vanilla ice cream note that I adore. Lovely!


Starts off very promising with lots of spices, mint and coffee. Then is slows down and shows more influence of the wood, making it slightly bitter and tannic. Pine tree resin, cardamon and even a hint of coconut. Slightly off balance after the first 10 seconds, but those are really good. Long tannin-rich aftertaste with chocolate, filter coffee powder and earth. The mint does come up after while, which might save the aftertaste after all.


This is a pretty damn good rye. I agree with the people at Whistlepig that it is a shame that this kind of rye disappears into blends. Well discovered and good effort to bottle this for wide distribution. I am intrigued and will surely taste more of them, in particular the mix with their own rye. I even heard they have recently found a distributor in the Netherlands.

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Whiskybase: 82.50 (16 votes) * @Distiller: 90/100 * @WhiskeyReviewer: A *@WhiskeyApostle: Stands out
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these are my personal views, so do not take them too seriously… nothing beats tasting these for yourself •

Cask influence
Sweet <-> Spicy
Nose 87.5%
Taste 86.5%
Balance 85.5%
Depth 87%
Finish 86.5%