Teeling 2002

"Slightly over-oaked and too astringent to fully enjoy this Irish pick-by by the Teeling brothers "

(Photo from Whiskybase)

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By now most of us know the story of of the brothers Teeling who ended up with access to a great collection of Cooley whiskies after buy-out by Beam Suntory. This helped them to bridge the period before their Dublin distillery was running and ready for selling whisky. By now, they have released some of their Irish single pot still whisky, not acclaimed highly by all (but I have not tasted it yet). Obviously, that is the problem with bridging such great Cooley spirit on the market, the customer built up an certain expectation about your whisky. It always remains to be seen if you can meet the expectations set by over 15-year-old whisky from a experienced distillery with a much younger distillate from a much inexperienced company. Very hard, if not an impossible task, which only few can full-fill. Anyway, they have released some cracking single casks and today we have a ex-bourbon on our table.


Pretty fierce at first with a decent alcohol kick along with sweet green fruits like apple, Reine Claude plums and green grapes. Sweet ginger tea, white grape juice, unripe wild peaches, unripe banana and oranges. It settles after a while with most of the initial alcohol blowing over. Now I get more white wine, fresh and juicy green apple and ripe juicy pears. Adding some water brings fruit-flavoured liquorice, and that much more. The alcohol and oak keep fighting with the scents.


Spicy and fruity with white peaches, ginger, white pepper, oak and oranges. Very drying and slightly stringent, but the Irish style is definitely present. Unripe banana, raw vanilla and white tea. Coconut and vanilla tend to take the lead on the palate. Some water brings more bitterness and acidity, not that much recommendable. The spirit gets slightly over-spiced and unpleasant after a while. The aftertaste brings ginger, white tea, orange, white grapes skins and oak.


The trouble with single casks is that they tend to be slightly more extreme than the average whisky. This can make them more interesting, but often they can also be rather unbalanced and monolithic. I guess this is an example, where the bourbon wood got the overhand of a spirit that already wasn’t too balanced. For me it gets too astringent and acidic after a while, which makes it not the most pleasant dram to drink. I have read that Teeling have selected some stunning (older) whiskies from the Cooley reposatory, but this is probably not their best pick.

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Whiskybase: 84.62 (15 votes)
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A bootle of this was purchased from !


these are my personal views, so do not take them too seriously… nothing beats tasting these for yourself •

Cask influence
Sweet <-> Spicy
Nose 83%
Taste 81%
Balance 78%
Depth 77%
Finish 78%