Single Malt Scotch

Single Malt Scotch


Macallan 1988 AD (blind)

“A rare find, even in a blind tasting competition, this independently bottled Macallan from 1988, and I must say I liked it very


Clynelish 1996 vW (blind)

“A nicely priced bottling with everything that you would like from a sherried Clynelish, no surprise that it sold out pretty quickly” Twitter


Arran 1996 (blind)

“This dram from the Isle of Arran offers surprising notes of waxes, metals, salts and others that I did not directly link to


Fettercairn 1988 SV (blind)

“Great dram from a fairly unknown distillery, this was one of the surprises of the competition and proves what fun blind tasting can


Glen Scotia 1992 Sa (blind)

“Unfamiliar territory for me with this Glen Scotia from Samaroli, which has interesting notes in the nose and palate that I have not