Single Malt Scotch

Single Malt Scotch


Ben Nevis 10 years

“This is different from many other standard bottlings, but beautifully complex and deliciously dirty. I very much recommended whisky to expand your horizon”


Secret Speyside Distillery 2007 MBl

“A light sherried Speysider from a rather famous distillery. It does not have the quality from its older brother from last year, but


Secret Islay 2002 LotG

“Not my favourite Bunna, this secret independent bottling. Very bitter smoke that dominates the nose and palate. Perhaps from a badly charred cask?”


Secret Orkney 1999 MBl

“Another great true spirit coming from HP, which shows a little bit more complexity and power compared the the one from the Archives


Orkney 2002 Arc

“An excellent independent release from a secret Orkney distillery, but we all know which one, don’t we? This shows what a great spirit


Aberfeldy 1999 Single Sherry Cask

“A spicy sherry monster, something we almost doubted that Aberfeldy got. Think of the Aberlour or Glenfarclas for comparison. When will these single