Single Malt Scotch

Single Malt Scotch


Ben Nevis 1997 TDD

“Very dirty, lots of muddy sherry, a profile that not to everyone’s taste and not very typical for Ben Nevis, though still an


Bunnahabhain 2001 McG

“A lot of balance and fairly close to the distillate, although I found this not very spectaculair, albeit a nice variation on heavy


Tamnavulin 1992 ElD

“A very nicely aged Tamnavulin for those who prefer more grassy, sour/sweet fruity Speysider whiskies” (Photo from Whiskybase) Share on twitter Twitter Share


Scapa 2005 GM

“The nose was a roller coaster with its highlights and off-notes, the palate was much more focussed and close to the origins without


Glenmorangie 18 years

“All in all a nice example of a easy, but still sophisticated, whisky for the summer months” (Photo from Whiskybase) Share on twitter


Auchentoshan Batch 5 TBWC

“The influence of the bourbon cask seems overpowering at first, but settles down to revealing a complex, fragrant and fruity Lowlands whisky, so