Single Cask Exclusives Islay Christmas Edition

Review 2017-074 «Specifics»  Single malt • 56.5% Alcohol • Matured for 8-9 years in a single sherry cask • Non-chill filtered • Natural coloured • Laphroaig Distillery • Bottled by Creative Whisky Company • Thornhill • Scotland • Limited availability • Not available anymore (price was ±€67) • Whiskybase #89085

STORY. Founded in 2005 by David Stirk, The Creative Whisky Company focusses mostly on single cask bottlings of renowned quality. Last year, they started a new range, the singel cask exclusives, young single malt whisky bottled at high strength, and very reasonably priced. Today we have last year’s special Christmas Edition, a bottling from an unknown distillery from Islay (but we strongly suspect that it is Laphroaig).


APPEARANCE. New series, new bottle design that I consider as modern and tasteful. Natural colour, no chill filtering.

NOSE. At first it is quite mineral, along with some smoked fruits like mandarine and pineapple, while the peat is restricted. But soon iodine and smoke appear heavily. (water) Now there are ship loads of iodine, a sharp smokiness, along with wood fire smoke and lime juice. Yeah, we’re definitely in Laphroaig territory here. Apples and pears, beach sand, hints of raisins, but that remain quite on the background. No bold sherry influence present, so this was a re-fill cask perhaps? Also a hint of old leather, while it becomes slightly meaty later on.

TASTE. A fresh smoke for starters, with iodine, fresh apple skins, bags of citrus, some coal, sea-salt, and raisins on the tip of your tongue. It is sweet and hot with smoked chili peppers, while the iodine-salt-smoke combination remains to play a big part. (water) This leads to an accentuation of the sherry, and brings on more spicy notes, orange juice and orange skins.

VERDICT. A nice cask of Laphroaig, which contains all the standard ingredients. Cheaper compared to the Laphroaig PX (although David Stirk did also bottled another (non-Christmas) sherry-matured Laphroaig that was even cheaper). If you like a sherried Laphroaig, then this would be fully recommended. Let’s wait what Santa will bring them this year.

Recommended for Laprhoaig fans.

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