Roger Groult 8 years

Review 2017-033 «Specifics» Calvados • Matured for 8 years in old French oak casks • 40% Alcohol • Chill filtered? • Caramel coloured? • Roger Groult • Saint-Cyr du Ronceray • Calvados • France • Widely available • Price €47-58

STORY. This years first edition of our “spiritual” Tour de France starts off with an 8-year-old calvados from the famous cider maker Roger Groult. The French department of Calvados is home of the apple cider-derived spirit named after its origin. The family-owned business of Groult is producing the spirit since 1860 and have won many prices with it. Roger Groult particularly made the company successful, which is why it is still named after him. My first encounter with calvados (that is the spirit) was some years ago when a colleague had a box of bottles delivered at work and poured me a small glass to taste this wonderful spirit (according to him). I must say I was intrigued, and stayed so, to ultimately order a bottle for myself.


APPEARANCE. Old-fashioned and French-style design, colour of the contents looks like dark apple juice and might be artificially coloured.

NOSE. Sweet apples and apple cider (well obviously…). Then some slightly acidic notes, cinnamon, apple blossom, and a hint of vanille custard. It stays quite soft, which is much to my liking. No water needed, but it can take some if you want.

TASTE. Apples, apple cider. The acidic notes are playing around with the sweeter ones. Varnish, fresh wood, as the oak shows its influence and makes it grittier. Hints of white pepper leaving some spiciness in the finish.

VERDICT. Difficult to judge, as it is my first bottel of calvados (except for the little glass from the gentle colleague then). Full flavoured, showing all the usual ingredients that I would associate with calvados. So I guess it is quite good. Nevertheless, I am not sure if it is really my cup of tea. Probably have to try another bottling. If you want good apples, you have to shake the trees (right, I made that up).

Recommended for the more experienced calvados drinker.

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