Rittenhouse Rye 100

Review 2017-067 «Specifics» Rye whiskey • Distilled from 100% rye • 50% Alcohol • Matured for undisclosed number of years in new charred American oak barrels • Chill filtered • Caramel-coloured • Heaven Hill Distillery • Bardstown • Kentucky • U.S.A. • Widely available • price ±€35 • Whiskybase #63245

STORY. Rye whisky is on the rise again. Because of its bold and particular flavors, the comeback kid has especially become fashionable to use in cocktails like Manhattan and Whisky Sour. Within the world of rye whiskies, Rittenhouse has earned its fame as a bang-for-your-buck bottling. And it is bottle-in-bond, meaning that this is a product of one distillation season in one distillery, aged at least for four years and bottled at 100 (U.S.) proof (50% alcohol by volume).


APPEARANCE. Stylish Art Deco design of the label. Already very much to my liking! Copperish color (although some E150-influence is noticedd) which is in fact quite well fitting with the label.

NOSE. It starts off with a full array of rye spices, and then becomes more fruity. There are sweet cherries, spicy raisins, cinnamon covered apples, and hints of caramel fudge. Water is not really necessary.

TASTE. On the palate too, the rye immediately makes its impact. I find peppered cinnamon, nutmeg, wood spices. Just as it seems to become bitter and stringent, the fruitiness come around the corner. It is fruity and soft with again the cinnamon-covered apples. The finish is filled with spiciness and medium in length.

VERDICT. If you have never been introduced to rye whiskeys, then this would be be a perfect first encounter. Well integrated whiskey with a lovely fruitiness. Bang-for-your-buck? Yes indeed! More and more available outside the U.S., and in recent years prices have dropped considerably (now around €35 in the Netherlands).

Recommended for people who want enter the world of rye whiskey.

A sample of this was purchased from Whiskyhuis.

«What others say»

  • @Whiskybase: Mean score of 82.90 (32 votes)
  • @thewhiskyjug: “It’s just not possible to go wrong with this rye and when it comes to value for money the Rittenhouse Rye 100 is incredibly hard to beat” Score: 90/100
  • @ralfy: “well balance, very sustained in its development. Excellent stuff!” Score: 87/100
  • @drinkhacker: “With a near-perfect flavor profile and just the right mix of bite and sweetness on the finish, Rittenhouse continues to hit it out of the park, and at these prices, it’s no wonder that many stores limit how many bottles you can buy” Score: A
  • @sourmashmanifesto: “This might be the best whiskey in the world around $20, it’s just that good” Score: 9.3/10
  • John Hansell @whiskyadvocate: “One of the best kept secrets in rye whiskey” Score: 87/100
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