Testing and tasting single bottlings
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Series that highlight a certain themes like regions, distilleries or cask finishes
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I hope you enjoy these ramblings of a whisky enthusiast
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Maker’s Mark CS

“I find some interesting differences with other bourbons that I tasted so far, could it be the red winter wheat? I am not

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Four Roses Small Batch

“This bourbon is indeed very mellow, however, it does possess a reasonable complexity both in the nose and the palate, probably one of

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My Lists

Top 2018

The Top Whisky Ratings Looking back at 2018, my whisky journey has brought me many more interesting drams this year. Some distilleries have

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GlenDronach 1970 SV

“Lovely complexity, lots of maturity, but enough vibrancy to keep it interesting, dry, but no too dry, and no bitterness, in short, a

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