Other World Whisky

Other World Whisky

Dutch Single Malt

Millstone 2014 Peated PX

“This shows how spirit, peat and PX can work perfectly together at a young age” (Photo from Whiskybase) Share on twitter Twitter Share


Penderyn Ex-Palo Cortado Sherry Cask

“A must for lovers of heavily sherried whiskies and the Palo Cortado shows a distinctive impact compared to Oloroso or PX casks” (Photo


Amrut 2009 Bourbon Cask

“Perfect example of what bourbon cask maturation can bring, and with a tropical twist. Affordable, excellent and very enjoyable, recommended!” (Photo from Whiskybase)


Paul John Brilliance

“This English-sounding Indian whisky shows that Amrut is not the only shining star from the second most populous country in the world, a


Kavalan King Car Conductor

“This mix-up of 8 different cask feels just like that, a mix-up. Missing focuss, or some kind of thread towards a style, this


Yamazaki Distiller’s Reserve

“Can somebody please lend me a duster for the nose? Too weak and subdued in my opinion, the palate was very pleasant and