Mackmyra Brukswhisky

"This Swedish whisky is a lovely furry blanket against the cold (for your mouth then)"

(Photo from Whiskybase)

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A heart-warming one… A ski trip of four befriended couples from the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology, realizing they all brought a bottle of whisky, leads to to the founding of a whisky distillery in 1999. And they have ideals too, as they decided to only use local resources (except the yeast). After contemplating on several different recipes, they choose two as basis for their bottlings. More than 15 years later they are deep into whisky producing and have gotten a strong foothold in the world of whisky. Nowadays widely available in online and local stores, they have brought together a series of interesting whiskies, of which ‘Brukswhisky’ is their standard non-peated bottling. So sparkled by the story, and reasonably good online reviews, my curiosity was raised… A very Swedish design, something different indeed, simple yet fun to look at and on the other hand very effective. Do I see some Ikea influence in this? Oh let’s taste this Swedish blonde!


A big buttery lead-on! Did somebody accidentally put a big lump of dairy butter in this?? Add to that creamy milk, natural vanilla, barley, Melba toast, juniper berries, Mirabelle eau-de-vie, a hint of spearmint, a spring-like fruitiness, and a floral perfume with roses. In fact could be a light woman’s perfume… Followed by sweet notes of white grapes, raspberries and bubblegum. Never been there, but could this be the scent of Swedish spring-time?


Oh yes, really soft. Feels like velvet on the tongue! Notes of fresh barley, butter and creamy yoghurt. Followed by fermented apples, frosted flakes, elderflower, lime for freshness, bubblegum, cranberry compote, eucalyptus, pink peppercorn, and peppermint tea. Beneath the velvety surface appears prickling champagne and a touch of bitterness from a dry white wine. An image of walking through flowery fields with fruit orchards blooming is appearing in my mind (and a smile hits my face). Lovely whisky.


This will not be for everyone, but I quite like it. I find it very modern take on bourbon-matured whiskies with many floral, sweet and fruity notes. A lovely furry blanket against the cold (for your mouth then). These Swedish whisky friends have shown that they can make a different style of whisky. Well done guys (and girls)! I will certainly try more from the this distillery… (and quite soon).

What others say

Whiskybase: 79.51 (69 votes) * Dave Broom @WhiskyMagazine: 72/100 * Martine Nouet @WhiskyMagazine: 83/100 * Serge Valentine @Whiskyfun: 84/100 * Dominic Roskrow @WhiskeyAdvocate: 82/100
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Many thanks to the for the sample (part of the Drinks By The Dram Whisky Advent Calendar Tweet Tasting)!


these are my personal views, so do not take them too seriously… nothing beats tasting these for yourself •

Cask influence
Sweet <-> Spicy
Nose 84.5%
Taste 84.5%
Balance 85.5%
Depth 83.5%
Finish 84%