Lervig Supersonic

"For DIPAs they say the more bitter, the better, but my tastebuds did not agree"

(Photo from Lervig)

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Lervig Aktiebryggeri currently belongs (or probably is) to the famous Norwegian breweries. Originally started as a producer of pilsner, it moved to craft beer after hiring Mike Murphy as head brewer in 2010. Their portfolio includes a wide range of beer styles with a focus on stouts and IPA. The Supersonic is a double IPA, meaning it has been dry-hopped twice and should showcase the bitter and tropical influences of the four different hops that were used. In particular, Simcoe, known for its piney and earthy aromas, and Citra are often applied in heavy IPAs.


There are some fresh tropical fruits, in particular papaya, but these are swiftly traded for pine woods, hint of stem ginger and orange. In fact, after a while it becomes primarily a pine sap cocktail with faints hints of ginger and papaya. Just more pine resin and alcohol soaked needles. Very, very, very resinous. Not that comfortable and slightly one-sided.


A big impact of a resinous notes. Pine tree extract to which, after a while, fresh mango and pineapple are added. Then more pineapple, no wait, it is really pine resin. Drying, very drying with a hint of stem ginger some Asian herbal tea and raw ginger powder. If I ever wondered what cooked pine cones would taste like...


My very first double IPA and I had to experience it the hard way. I found this quite extreme with so many pine tree components that I thought Christmas was nearly there. Much too extreme for me and much too one-sided. I think a better balance with the tropical fruit, much adored by me, would have made this so much richer. But I guess that is the point of a double IPA: the more bitter, the better. Somewhere I read that some brewery managed to concoct even triple versions, so I can’t complain really.

Untappd /5

Bierista /10



these are my personal views so do not take them too seriously, nothing beats tasting these yourself •

Nose 80%
Taste 78%
Balance 77%
Depth 79%
Finish 77%