"Something for a lazy autumn afternoon out on the terrace, too basic for long evenings"

(Photo from Bronckhorster Brewing Company)

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This bock beer is named after the river that runs close to the brewery. Originally a top-fermented beer, from 2016 on IJsselbock was brewed as a bottom-fermented beer. It has won the company multiple prices in the Dutch bock beer competition. Bock beers are stronger seasonal beers that are particularly released in the spring and autumn. The latter variant represents darker beers, which originates from South Germany and must by law posses an original gravity of the wort of 15.5º Plato (a scale for the percentage of dry content in the solution). The colour of the beer is  mostly ruby red and tasting notes associated with this beer often involve roasted malt and caramel.


Indeed rather sweet with clear notes of caramelising brown sugar. There is also some refreshing orange juice, the expected hoppy bitterness, albeit in the background, and a faint hint of strawberry juice. The latter I always adore in any beverage. After some time I also get some lemon-like notes. I would call this a balanced, but probably also a rather quiet nose.


A rather bitter start on the palate, which is quickly balanced by a sugar-y sweetness. In fact, it becomes rather sticky. There is also some orange peel. The development leads onto a medium long aftertaste that is much drier with earthy, root-y, gingery notes and a rather pleasant hint of mango. Furthermore dried hop and a bunch of grains.


After the high spirits after the previous Bronckhorster beer, the Ijsselbock provideds a slightly disappointing experience. My inexperience with different beer styles might have been on the basis of this, however, I think the depth and power of flavour werethe main achievers. I guess this is just a simpler style of beer, which is not that appropiate for an evenings enjoyment of a regular whisky enthusiast. Rather for an late autumn afternoon on the terrace in the sun. Well, we have plenty of those, don’t we?

Untappd score / 5

Bierista / 10

Score / 5


these are my personal views so do not take them too seriously, nothing beats tasting these yourself •

Nose 82%
Taste 80%
Balance 84%
Depth 80%
Finish 81%