Haiti 11 years (Compagnie des Indes)

Review 2017-054 «Specifics» Rum • Vintage 2004 • Bottled in 2015 • Distilled from cane juice using a column still  • 43.0% Alcohol • Matured in the tropics and partially in France for a total of 11 years in a single oak cask (#BMH18) • Chill filtered? • Natural coloured? • Unsweetened • Sourced from Barbancourt Distillery (Damiens, Haiti) • Compagnie des Indes • Bletterans • France • Limited availability (286 bottles) • Still available (price ±€60-110)

STORY. The Compagnie des Indes was founded by Florian Beuchet in 2014 to promote the authenticity of rums. They bottle rum from all over the Caribbean, some of them at cask strength, some matured in specific casks and some blended into a beginner’s rum. This release is from the Barbancourt Distillery on Haiti.  The Barbancourt family is originally from Bordeaux and started distilling in 1862. The current distillery was built in 1949 and in 1990 the stills were replaced by a continuous distillation system. They produce rum from local cane juices, which is close the the French style ‘rhum agricole’.


APPEARANCE. Original and informative design, colour of the contents is golden and seem to have its natural colour.

NOSE. It is light with hint of smoke (bonfires), along with citrus fruits like grapefruit, fresh pineapples, tropical wood (I have no clue which type), and a hint cigarette ashes. It is pungent, but after a while in the glass some (almost) ripe bananas appear, together with some sort of tropical spices (again no clue), or some tropical flowers (same, I do need to book a trip to the tropics…), tropical-flavoured sweets. It is slightly nutty and I find some banana leaves.  (water) Only some drops are needed, which improves the integration and does not have an effect on complexity.

TASTE. The palate is much sweeter with lots of pineapples. Then I find burned molasses, a hint of petroleum, slightly burned pineapple, tropical fruits and smoked wood. (water) The addition of some improves the integration of the palate. A mix of tropical fruits appears with bananas, burned pineapples, unripe mangos and melons. It is vegetal, silky and smooth. Like a tropical creamy smoothy or cocktail. Then more spices appear and slightly unripe fruits. It is a bit spirit-y. A medium finish with spices and tropical fruits.

VERDICT. It is a nice rum, that is for sure, but somehow I find the whole slightly less integrated compared to the Rivière du Mât in the previous review. However, it is still recommendable if you want to try a good Haitian rum.

Recommended for rum explorers that want to taste a good Haitian rum.

Thanks to Norbert for the sample!

«What others say»

  • @Rumratings: Mean score of 7.2/10 (5 votes)
  • Serge @Whiskyfun: “I had the impression that modern Barbancourt had less presence than this. Good news!” Score: 86/100
  • @Eyeforspirits: “Dennoch ist es eines jener Destillate, die zeigen wie aufregend die Aromen des Rum-Genres sein können” Score: 8/10
  • @Whiskyandco: “Pas un mauvais rhum en soi, mais l’originalité et la complexité décroissent au cours de la dégustation” Score: 83/100
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