Gun Fighter Bourbon

"Overall, I think this is a decent effort at a port-finished bourbon, which we do not see too often, maybe something for flask on a summer day"

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Golden Moon distillery was founded by Stephen Gould in 2008 and initially focussed on the production of liquors and liqueurs. They also release a bourbon and a rye, both finished in barrels that previously contained French fortified wine. I previously had the rye, and I found it quite delicious with the fruitiness from the fortified wine complementing the rye spices. I wonder how that will be with the bourbon, which presumably will already bring more sweetness to the table.


This starts sweet with the red wine evidently showing its smells, however the port, wait I should say French fortified wine, is coming through very nicely. There are some plastic off-notes, but they do not really bother me. Lots of blackberries and black currants, sweet popcorn, and a bag full off fruity sweets, maybe even a hint of truffles. Sill sweet after adding some water, but it tends to lose some power. So probably better leave it out.


The bourbon and port clash into an orgy of sweetness, blackberries. I find the level of complexity pretty low in this, however, very nice port notes on the palate. Little amount of tannins and a pleasant acidity. This works surprisingly well with the sweet bourbon notes, and do not make it overall too sweet. Some popcorn, caster sugar, molasses, and slightly herbal finish with notes of sage. Also slightly nutty. Again, I prefer it without water, which increases the acidity along with some drying tannins. Lots of black currant sweets in the finish.


Overall, I think this is a decent effort at a port-finished bourbon, which we do not see too often. However, the complexity of the whole is rather low. Something for the flask on a summer day, perhaps?

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Cask influence
Nose 80%
Taste 79%
Balance 82%
Depth 79%
Finish 82%