Glenturret 2004

Review 2017-024 «Specifics» Single malt • Single Cask Edition • Vintage 2004 • Bottled in 2017 • 55.5% Alcohol • Matured for 12 years in a single 1st fill sherry cask (#110) • Chill filtered • Natural coloured (?) • Glenturret distillery • Owned by Highland Distillers (current split between the Edrington Group and William Grant & Sons) • Crieff • Highlands • Scotland • Limited availability (590 bottles) • Still available (price ±€68) • Whiskybase #93866

STORY. The 2017 special release of Glenturret that has completely been matured in a single 1st fill sherry cask. Advertised as something very special, together with the high score on Whiskybase, does not mean this has to be a excellent whisky, but at least it got us intrigued. Pronounced as glen-TURRET, which means Glen of the small dry stream, this distillery has a claim to be the oldest working distillery in Scotland, with illicit distilling taking place there in 1775. The Glenturret name been adopted in 1875, and today Glenturret mostly serves as a brand home for The Famous Grouse, although single malt releases have been coming out the last couple of years.



APPEARANCE. Stylish • Classical • (liquid) Very sherry • Possibly natural coloured Stylish and classical design, colour of the contents is dark copper brown and is naturally (?) sherry coloured.

NOSE. At first it is soft and surprisingly friendly despite the high alcohol. There is a feast going on with golden raisins, danish pastry and marzipan. It is both bourbon-y and armagnac-y. Then some wallpaper paste (quite typical for armagnac in my experience), a hint of cherries and after a while all kinds of fresh red fruits like strawberries, raspberries, red berries and more cherries. It continues to scent like entering a pastry shop selling sweet strawberries marzipan tarts. Some spiciness in the back makes me even think of rye and pot still whisk(e)y. (water) It is still warm, subtle and complex. Although after a while some vegetal notes appear, to my complete surprise. These do not really seem to belong in the original mixture.

TASTE. Well, let us see what the palate has to offer after such a beautiful nose… At first it feels stronger than the nose, the high alcohol is talking here, but the sweetness of marzipan, sugar toppings, cherries and raspberries sweets and sauces soon come to the front. But wait, before I can really enjoy this beautiful combination, it is gone. This is extremely short. What’s left are some veggie notes again. Maybe water can help. (water) No, the palate is still gone pretty fast. I can detect some rocket lettuce, some herbs, citrus, tangerines, and a long vegetal aftertaste.

VERDICT. Lovely nose, really lovely. Unfortunately the development of the palate is much too short. A shame, really, with this ace selection of the sherry cask, this could have been an absolute stunner. And what’s with the vegetal aftertaste? Is this the distillery talking?

Recommended for well obviously not for me.

Thanks to Henri for the sample!

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