Glenrothes 25 years (Daily Dram)

Review 2017-016 «Specifics» Single malt • The Nectar for the Daily Drams • Vintage 1988 • Bottled in 2013 • 50.6% Alcohol • Matured for 25 years in a refill sherry cask • Non-chill filtered • Natural coloured • Sourced from Glenrothes (Speyside, Scotland) • Bottled by The Daily Dram/The Nectar • Zolder • Belgium • Limited availability (undisclosed number of bottles) • Still available in Belgium (price €125) • Whiskybase #45588

STORY. We will be starting a new series of tastings, which will focus on the Speyside distillery of Glenrothes. It is famous among enthusiasts of sherry cask matured whiskies, and we will have quite some of these. The first one from a refill cask bottled by the Belgian importer The Nectar, is turning on some debate between the nose and the palate. Obviously from a sherry cask, or what else would you expect from an independent Glenrothes.



APPEARANCE. Autumn colours and something with hay (?) in the design, colour of the contents is reddish brown and is sherry coloured.

NOSE. At first this is all on honey, spices and nuts. In particular, pistachio’s, pistachio paste can be found. Something vegetal is hidden in the background, could it be some banana leaves perhaps? This is accompanied by some tobacco. (water) More spices are present along with honey and some sort of vegetality (does that for word exist?). I find some mint chocolates, and it is a bit bourbon-y, but the freshness is beautiful. Then more herbs and fresh apricots.

TASTE. This is very fruity and spicy, however, the wood is much more prominent here compared to the nose. Nuts are also present in the form of fresh walnuts. (water) Now rounder, light fruity, raisins, honey, apricots, this has even a hint of smoke. However, the wood keeps talking loud. Reminds me of the sweetish apricot-y Glenmorangie (the original). The finish is rather bitter and spicy.

VERDICT. I really liked the nose, but the palate is too much oak-driven. The large influence of the cask hinders the complexity and makes it rather bitter and in my opinion not that special.

Recommended for lovers of Glenrothes that are also fond of the style at Glenmorangie distillery.

Thanks to Henry for the sample!

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  • Ruben “Good Glenrothes, with a focus on honey, citrus and spices” Score: 86/100
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