Glenrothes 1997 (Boogieman Imports)

Review 2017-031 «Specifics» Single malt • Vintage 1997 • Bottled in 2017 • 49.1% Alcohol • Matured for 20 years in a sherry butt • Non-chill filtered • Natural coloured • Sourced from Glenrothes (Speyside, Scotland) • Bottled by Boogieman Import (BI) for Wine and Whisky Specialist van der Boog • Rijswijk • The Netherlands • Limited availability (90 bottles) • Not available anymore (price was ±€110) • Whiskybase #96232

STORY. After working for years as a retailer for the largest chain of Dutch liquor stores Gall & Gall (originally founded in Amsterdam by Maria Gall in 1884), Stefan van der Boog decided to start an independent wine and whisky shop in the Dutch city of Rijswijk. The shop soon established itself as one of the leading regional specialists in single malt whiskies, with in particular a large collection of independent bottlings. He also imports his own bottlings under the name of Boogieman Imports. To celebrate the shop’s 5th anniversary, he released this Glenrothes from 1997.



APPEARANCE. Artistic and beautiful design, colour of the contents is Mahoney and is natural coloured.

NOSE. The first nosing of this is heavy and sweet with plums, figs, brown sugar, and molasses. Very much PX style, I would say. (water) Unexpectedly, we can now find some smoke and salt. Then the lovely smell of slightly burned, melted chocolate. It is very smooth. Lots of good liquorice, baked bacon, and spices with in particular pepper and cinnamon. The the slightly burned crust of a well baked cake (always the best part), or over-baked chocolate cookies.

TASTE. The palate is very fruity, very pleasant, with fresh figs sauce, fresh cherries, and dill. (water) Chocolate cake, raisins, chocolate with sea salt (again the salty side comes forward). The liquorice is prominent again, which gives it a slightly, but lovely, bitter side, comparable to good Irish pot still whiskey. Then cough sirup and more liquorice.

VERDICT. Very well selected by Stefan van der Boog, and a true celebratory dram for their 5-year anniversary. The complexity goes beyond that of most Pedro Ximénez matured whiskies, and shows a intriguing coming together of cask influence and Glenrothes spirit. Well done, and I must say I adore the design of the label!

Recommended for cravers of heavy sherried drams but with the fruity side intact.

Thanks to Henri for the sample!

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