Glenrothes 1989 (Signatory Vintage)

Review 2017-026 «Specifics» Single malt • Cask Strength Collection • Vintage 1989 • Bottled in 2013 • 53.9% Alcohol • Matured for 23 years in a refill sherry butt (#24382) • Non-chill filtered • Natural coloured • Sourced from Glenrothes distillery (Speyside, Scotland) • Bottled by Signatory Vintage • Pitlochry • Scotland • Limited availability (651 bottles) • Not available anymore (price was ±€225) • Whiskybase #44695

STORY. This time we have a cask strength version of Glenrothes from the well-known independent bottlers of Signatory Vintage founded in 1988 by Andrew and Brian Symington. The head office has moved been moved twice, to Edinburgh and, when Edradour Distillery was bought, to Pitlochry. Within a short time, they had established themselves as one of the biggest independent bottlers worldwide. Nowadays, their range includes a vintage, cask strength, and unchillfiltered series.




APPEARANCE. Sturdy and basic design, colour of the contents is golden brown and is natural coloured.

NOSE. A spirity start, with a touch of varnish, then raisins, cherry wood, and plum liquor. It still needs to open up. (water) Oh yes, opens up nicely. There are many forest fruits (strawberries, black berries), plums and figs, all freshly mashed as a sauce. Followed by freshly varnished wood, rum-soaked raisins, cinnamon, cherries, and slightly salty. Further on some floral notes, more oloroso and coffee.

TASTE. I find mostly varnished wood and sherry wood spices. Then dark fruit liquors, dried figs and a salty touch. (water) A nice opening of the flavours, with many different dried fruits, only a pinch of cinnamon, some old coffee with milk (but still pleasant), and milk chocolate. Then it develops into more bitter notes of over-brewed tea and bitter almonds. There are also more tannins of the sherry wood. Then there are walnut oil (or sourced from any other nuts), cinnamon-covered croissants, mix of dried fruits and salty nuts, oloroso spices, croissants and raisins. It is quite complex in the development and finish.

VERDICT. I must say the undiluted spirit was a bit tight with too much influence of the sherry wood. However, water performed miracles and turned it into a nice and complex oloroso sherry-matured whisky.

Recommended for whiskylovers that always add some water to their dram.

Thanks to Henri for the sample!

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