Glen Garioch 1998 AD

"Another Glen Garioch that is is fairly acidic, still not my cup of tea, so to speak, but this is surely not a bad example"

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Distillery bottlings from Glen Garioch (pronounced ‘geery’) distillery are not known as the most sure betting for an excellent quality, while independent bottlers often find very interesting casks. Today, we have one from Adelphi, which are not shy to pick highly characterful whisky (in my experience, at least). I am curious what they have done with this one. Off note, my experience with Glen Garioch has been a bit wobbly so far and I did not find an excellent example. On the other side, I have not tasted many (yet).


Fairly shy with some bitterish caramel, cake crust, and something faintly chemical. Slightly floral, fudge and wood spices. I think we might find some improvement with water perhaps. So with water it is more expressive and definitely more pleasant. I get amaretto, caster sugar, it becomes fairly sweet, honey, pain aux raisins, and some oranges. It becomes rather lovely, though not the most complex of noses. Hints of lemon rasp, nutmeg and lemon sugar.


Acidic entry with some fudge, and some vegetal insinuations. Again, it does seems fairly timid. Maybe water can help. Oh yes, citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons, pastry and glazings. Fresh, although still reasonably bitter and acidic. Probably a bit too acidic, for my taste at least. Some chalk, minerals and heather honey. The finish is fresh, bitter and acidic (no surprise there).


Another Glen Garioch that is is fairly acidic. Still not my cup of tea, so to speak, but this is surely not a bad example. Would it be possible to add some sugar then? Well, probably not that wise to go into rum territories, and against the all might SWA…. I didn’t get much sherry either.

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Whiskybase: 88.45 (22 votes)
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these are my personal views, so do not take them too seriously… nothing beats tasting these for yourself •

Cask influence
Nose 85%
Taste 85%
Balance 84%
Depth 85.5%
Finish 86%