Francois Peyrot XO

Review 2017-038 «Specifics» Cognac • Matured for ±25 years in French oak casks • 40% Alcohol • Chill filtered? • Caramel coloured? • Maison Francois Peyrot • Gondeville • Grande Champagne • Cognac • France • Widely available • Price ±€60

STORY. The Domaine des Bergeronnettes is owned by the Peyrot family and consists of 25 hectares in the Grande Champagne in the centre of the Cognac region. They have been producing cognac there since 1956. The brand Francois Peyrot is not the most famous of Cognac houses, and (partially due to the fact that) they do not scream the extend of its quality to the masses. I came upon this in one of the local liquor shops, after reading some very positive online reviews. The shopkeeper was quite surprised in fact that he did not have to release his advertising skills on me to sell this (what he thought was) a beautiful product.


APPEARANCE. Quite modern and modest design, colour of the contents appears as pure amber and I think it has maintained its natural colour.

NOSE. At first nosing I find deep notes of high quality coffee, cacao powder, and wonderful whiffs of cinnamon. For sure this is no ordinary, or overly commercial cognac for that matter. More notes of apple flambé, plum eau-de-vie, fig compote, raisins, and a hint of raspberries. The development runs into heavy full red whine (like from the Rhone valley), polished cedar wood, apricots on sirup, and blackberry compote. This is really a feast for the nose. The finish is sherry-esque accompanied by wood spices such as cardamon, and marzipan. Adding water is optional, but not necessary.

TASTE. The palate opens with cedar wood, coffee powder, cinnamon powder, blackberries, hints of curry or marsala spices, and definitely nutmeg. Next are forest compote (blue berries and raspberries), dried apricots, together with a spicy kick. More orange skin, black cherries, cardamon, and hints of marzipan. Water is again not necessary, but here it slightly pronounces the fruitiness. I find some fresh prunes, grapes, oranges, and that lovely spicy kick at the end. Exquisite.

VERDICT. You might already guess that this cognac was, and still is, quite to my liking. A well matured 25-year-old (!) high quality spirit for this price, well let us be honest, that is well worth your money (and we withstand the urge to compare it to similarly aged single malts). Francois Peyrot is an unknown brand for most, and although they do deserve the a wide spread attention of people that love quality spirits, I think it might be best that we cherish this secret (I even heard rumours that they also sell an 58-year-old Hors d’Age for under 100 euros, but sushhh).

Recommended for the ones craving the good and balanced sherry-matured Speysiders (e.g. Glenrothes).

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