Enmore 1990 Kill Devill

"An older rum without excessive wood influence is rare, but here we have one"

(Photo from Douglas Laing)

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Demerara Distillers Limited is the only surviving rum distiller in Guyana and has possession of multiple distillation systems from that were formerly used by now closed estates. One of these is the continuous wooden 2-column Coffey still from Enmore distillery and sugar factory.  Enmore estate was founded around 1782 by English settler Thomas Porter and was closed in 1994. It is the oldest and last surviving still of this kind and apparently can produce up to 9 different styles of light to heavy rum. It is probably on of the components in DDL’s most famous brand, El Dorado, while the last decade has seen many independent bottler (and finally also DDL themselves, releasing single estate/style rums with much acclaim. We do not know anything about the climate it matured in, but a likely assumption would be that that is partially tropical and partially in Europe.


Herbs and spices, in particular Asiatic spices like fresh leaves of coriander, lots of it, and caraway. Then a slightly more sweeti-ish note of spiced pineapple and peach and some mango (always a good addition). There is a hint of salty nuts and a hint of pines. The tropical fruits are growing stronger. In addition, aniseed and liquorice wood join the party, and a hint of acetone, which turns it slightly chemical.


The initial impression is again mostly herbal, with rosemary, and again those Asian spices with coriander and caraway. This is accompanied by a hint of dried banana and mango, and slightly burned pineapple. The sweetness forms a good balance with the spices. I also find some cherries, pine wood, and again the note of acetone (but I never tasted it, so don’t worry).


This is a good balanced, very decent and rather complex rum.  I never tasted any rum from the Enmore stills, so I do not have much comparison for this style. There is not much wood influence, which I appraise since this can be a problem with rums of higher age (above 15 years, let alone 25 years). I think most rums above 15-20 years are also released by independent European bottlers and have been  for an often undisclosed period matured on the European continent. Something for a later heated discussion, probably. Today I am happy to have tasted a sample of this excellent Enmore rum for Douglas Laing.

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these are my personal views, so do not take them too seriously… nothing beats tasting these for yourself •

Cask influence
Nose 88.5%
Taste 88%
Balance 89%
Depth 88%
Finish 87.5%