Edradour 2008 (Signatory Vintage for Kirsch Whisky Import)

Review 2017-015 «Specifics» Single malt • Single Cask Seasons – Autumn • Bottled in 2016 • 51.2% Alcohol • Matured for 8 years an oloroso sherry butt (#122) • Non-chill filtered • Natural coloured • Sourced from Edradour (Highlands, Scotland) • Bottled by Signatory Vintage for Kirsch Whisky Import • Syke • Germany • Limited availability (786 bottles) • Still available in Germany (price €60) • Whiskybase #88337

STORY. A possible prerequisite to a future review series of the Highland distillery of Edradour on this website. This release is bottled by Edradour’s owners, that is Signatory, for the German company Kirsch Whisky Import. It is part of a series of season-influenced releases by Kirsch. This particular release represents the autumn with a young sherried version of Edradour. The family-business of Kirsch Importers started in 1976 with the import of single malt whisky in Syke, a little town in the German province of Niedersachsen.



APPEARANCE. Common and effective design, colour of the contents is light sherry and is retained its natural colour.

NOSE. The sherry cask directly makes its presence clear. We find bitter chocolate (70%), chocolate raisin cake and dried plums. It is not heavy though, rather quite fresh-fruity with fresh blackcurrant and blackberry juice. Also the smell of burned wood during sawing, which I do not encounter often. Then also some cinnamon powder,  nutmeg, and a touch of rubber, which is not really disturbing. I find it all quite civilised. After a while it turns into a more fruit-ish nose, grape juice, resembling wine, or even more towards port. (water) Sweeter notes such as honey arise, and office coffee, cream and nougat. All quite good.

TASTE. Starts off with lots of fruits, including grapes plums and figs. Which then turns into cake, chocolate, and leather. Even a whiff of smoke in the background. (water) Then it becomes lighter, fruitier with honey, milk chocolate, and again office coffee, cream and nougat. In particular the nougat stands out. Finish is slightly bitter, mild but it also got a bit of a punch.

VERDICT. A reasonably good middle-class sherried whisky, not in-your-face, but civilised. On the other side, I still wonder if I can find something of the distillery’s character. I need some more Edradour to find out after this, which is not a bad thing obviously…

Recommended for people that collect sherry whiskies and want an easy quaffable bottle.

Thanks to Mike for the sample!

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