Eastmoor batch 3

"Although this youngsters has seen a very good sherry cask, the age cannot be hidden on the palate, in a few years, another chance"

(Photos from Kalkwijck Distillers)

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In a little village called ‘Vroomshoop’, in a farm with the exotic name of ‘Pertjaja’, meaning ‘to believe’, Kalkwijck Distillers is located. For generations, the owners have cultivated different grains for breweries and distilleries, until in 2009 they decided to open their own distillery. Their products include a multitude of liquors, jenever, gin, and whisky. The whisky bears the name of ‘Eastmoor’, based on the local region (the moors in the east), and the first-3-year-old version was released in 2015, followed by the 2nd batch in 2017. This year we saw the release of the 3rd batch, again 3 years old and matured casks that previously held Oloroso sherry. Note that these are ‘real’ sherry casks, meaning that they were once occupied by actual sherry, and not one of those sherry casks that specifically prepared for the whisky industry with some sort of sherry-concentrate. This last part was emphasised by one the representatives of the distillery on the whisky festival that recently visited close to where I live. 


Opens with rich honey followed by walnut paste and welled raisins. It is fairly soft and easy at first sniff. The sherry quickly becomes very clear, but is not too dominant and clearly has got quality. Raisin cake, honey-glazed cake, and a hint of tobacco make the nose a very pleasant experience.


Whew, this is sharp and has got a forceful alcohol kick. The young age becomes very evident here. In between I get the Oloroso sherry, a few fresh walnuts, drops of fruit liquor and some pencil shavings. The finish is quite short and sharp.


Always very difficult to judge this youngsters. I mean, what can you expect from a 3-year-old whisky? The sherry cask that was used by the Kalkwijck Distillers was certainly a good one and showed itself particularly on the nose. The palate could’nt hide the age though. I will certainly keep following them, but perhaps wait a few years to get a taste of what their spirit really tastes like.

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Cask influence
Nose 83%
Taste 70%
Balance 75%
Depth 73%
Finish 75%