Dow’s Late Bottled Vintage Port 2009

"A perfect simple flavoured port perfectly fit for high temperatures and lazy laid-back summer afternoons"

(Photo from Gall & Gall)

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Late bottled vintage means that it is a mixture of different ports from the same year, which subsequently mature for 4-6 years before bottling. As stated on their website, the vintage is “from two of the best vineyards in the Douro Valley that also produce Dow’s Vintage Ports: Quinta do Bomfim, old vines on stone-walled terraces. Quinta Senhora da Ribeira, remote mountain vineyards in the Upper Douro”.


Shy, mild, round. Kind of a port-light. Notes of raspberries, some strawberries, a few other berries. They were scarce with putting the fruit into this one. Diluted berry sauce. No intenseness in the nose. Still a nice nose though.


It starts with some tannins, but those fade away quickly. Diluted raspberry juice, and I think somebody accidentally dropped a tiny piece of strawberry in it. Goes down very easily. Crisp, light, fresh.


This is one for the summer, and perfectly fit for high temperatures and lazy afternoons. So are you craving for raspberry laziness? You should take this easy laid-back port.

What others say

Robert Parker @thewineadvocate: 90/100 * @Drinkhacker: A-
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A bottle of this was purchased from !


these are my personal views, so do not take them too seriously… nothing beats tasting these for yourself •

Cask influence
Sweet <-> Spicy
Nose 85%
Taste 83%
Balance 84%
Depth 79%
Finish 82%