Cooley 1992 CA

"Just love this balanced mineral, fruity and oily whisky from a Cooley and Cadenhead marriage"

(Photo from Whiskybase)

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The Irish law states that the indicated age of a whisky must be the time it spend maturing in Ireland. This means that this whisky is officially 11 years old, although it matured in a barrel for a whole 27 years. Funny thing that they have strict rules for this in Ireland (I think that would be much more appropriate for rum that is aged in a continental climate instead of the tropics), while on other areas they are relatively easy (selling whisky as if you have distilled it, while it is actually sourced). But we all know that the money dictates the rules. Anyway, this could again a peaty Cooley (like here). Last time it was rather interesting.


Minerals and cow stables, in fact the same Ledaig-iness like I had with the previous Cadenhead’s Cooley. Some dirty pears, copper, leather, peat, before the fruits slowly arise. It becomes more fruity over time (tangerines, pineapple, honeydew melon), while the peat remains clearly present. Some smoked tangerines and smoked peach. The mineral smoky side is really nice and fresh. I think I get some roasted rosemary, sea salt with mediterranean herbs, tangerine juice and hamburgers with basil and dried tomato. A very well balanced nose.I even get an slight sense of tar and creosote.


Smoked tinned pineapple, followed by a massive fruit wave with pineapple, mango, melon, tangerines, but also some pumpkin. The initial palate contains lots of minerals and metals, while the follow-up overflows that with tropical fruits. Oh, I like this. Very earthy with a really nice vegetal fresh peat influence. I get gravel, dusty dried mud, smoked herbs like rosemary, dragon basil. A real oiliness in the aftertaste with a mix of olive oil, paraffin and sunflower oil. Lovely triple booster, minerals followed by tropical fruits followed by oils.  


You may have noticed, I like this. The balance between the peat and the typical Irish tropical fruits is next to perfect. On top of that the mineral and oily mouthfeel are lip-smackingly beautiful. I do not really care if this is really peated Cooley spirit, or that they matured in a cask that formerly contained Islay (or Isle of Mull) whisky. In the end they managed to create this great product. Great effort!

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Whiskybase: 88.81 (23 votes)
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Cask influence
Sweet <-> Spicy
Nose 87.5%
Taste 88.5%
Balance 88%
Depth 87.5%
Finish 88.5%