Chateau du Tariquet 15 years Folle Blanche

Review 2017-042 «Specifics» Armagnac • Matured for 15 years in oak casks • 47.2% Alcohol • Chill filtered • Natural colour • Chateau du Tariquet • Eauze • Gers • France • Widely available • Price €40-50

STORY. We taste another release from the Chateau du Tariquet, and this time an armagnac completely made from Folle Blanche grapes. This grape variety is classically cultivated in the Cognac and Armagnac regions, but has mostly been replaced by varieties that are more resistant to the phylloxera including Baco and Ugni Blanc. The name is said to come from the vigorous growth and high production (Folle = mad). Wines and cognacs that are made from Folle Blanche are usually light, fresh, acidic and floral.


APPEARANCE. Modern and clear design, colour of the contents looks like light copper and is natural coloured.

NOSE. Starts silky and soft, but there is a pungency behind that. Lots of vanilla, marshmallow, custard, and then freshly baked buns and baking spices (these could be Tariquet armagnac features). (water) Fresh citrus fruits, more baked bread, cardamon and nutmeg. The spiciness becomes more apparent, and reveals a clear wood influence, probably French oak. Now the flowery side comes to the surface, rose pedals, soap (in a good way). The finish goes back to spices, ginger and roots.

TASTE. Custard pudding and fresh vanilla pods, very drinkable. Hint of varnish (often an armagnac trademark). It develops into more acidity with grapefruit and citrus juice, which also opens up a slight fruitiness. (water) More citric fruits, more flowers. It gets fresher. I finds hints of strawberries, more vanilla, buttercream, creme anglaise. Then a peppery finish, which also includes ginger, roots, and herbs (rosemary, basil). This needs time in the glass to fully open up.

VERDICT. The Folle Blanche clearly make a mark on this armagnac (as expected). The floral and acidic notes are on the foreground, while the wood influence adds a layer of spiciness. A nice experience.

Recommended for investigators who want to dive further into armagnac.

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  • “The heavy alcoholic heat makes it tough to get to the spirit’s charms” Score: B+
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