Bourbon, Rye & USA Whisky

Bourbon, Rye
& USA Whisky


WhistlePig 10 years

“Such a lovely nose on this rye, after which the taste is quite a bummer, it just misses depth, development and a long


Pikesville Rye 6-years-old

“Tasteful rye whisky that finds a proper balance between the rye spices and the bourbon sweetness, and it adds some surprising notes, which

USA Single Malt

McCarthy’s Oregon 03-year-old

“I think the people at Clear Creek, with a little help from the Widmer brothers, have succeeded to make a very decent peated


James E. Pepper Batch 1 TBWC

“It is a lot of sherry for a sherry and I am not sure if sherry and rye are a good combination, something


James E. Pepper Batch 3 TBWC

“An experiment that is very interesting, but requires in my opinion a better balance between the rye and the ale influence, another try(e)


James E. Pepper 1776 Straight Rye

“Incredibly fresh and lovely rye with not that much spices or sweetness, which I might be sipping during a hot evenings during the