Bourbon, Rye & USA Whisky

Bourbon, Rye
& USA Whisky


Pikesville Rye 6-years-old

“Tasteful rye whisky that finds a proper balance between the rye spices and the bourbon sweetness, and it adds some surprising notes, which

USA Single Malt

McCarthy’s Oregon 03-year-old

“I think the people at Clear Creek, with a little help from the Widmer brothers, have succeeded to make a very decent peated


James E. Pepper Batch 1 TBWC

“It is a lot of sherry for a sherry and I am not sure if sherry and rye are a good combination, something


James E. Pepper Batch 3 TBWC

“An experiment that is very interesting, but requires in my opinion a better balance between the rye and the ale influence, another try(e)


James E. Pepper 1776 Straight Rye

“Incredibly fresh and lovely rye with not that much spices or sweetness, which I might be sipping during a hot evenings during the


James E. Pepper 1776 Straight Bourbon

“Typical bourbon with all the expected feature, albeit slightly simple and maybe prices slightly highe compared to its competitors” (Photo from Whiskybase) Share