Blended Scotch & Grain Whisky

Blended Scotch
& Grain Whisky


Port Dundas 1990 (blind)

“Woody Woodpecker! What a whisky, completely wood-driven and one of my first grain whiskies, but interesting enough to not be the last one

Blended Malt

The Winter Queen (Adelphi)

“A coming-together of three good casks. The nose is slightly one-sided with strong cask influence, while the palate shows more maturity and complexity”

A Beginners' Guide

Blending from the bog

Blending from the Bog Or how good blends can be Blends used to be big and full of quality. Nowadays blends are still

Blended Malt

Compass Box Phenomenology

“As we have come to expect from Compass Box, this is very, very well made, displaying a concert of various fruity, earthy and


Lost Distilleries Blend – Batch 10

“This was a great experience during the tasting, but the nose is difficult to open” (Photo from Whiskybase) Share on twitter Twitter Share

Blended Malt

Big Peat Christmas Edition 2016

Review 2017-075 «Specifics»  Blended malt • 54.6% Alcohol • Matured for undisclosed number of years in an undisclosed selection of casks • Non-chill