Ben Nevis 1997 TDD

"Very dirty, lots of muddy sherry, a profile that not to everyone's taste and not very typical for Ben Nevis, though still an interesting selection"

(Photo from Whiskybase)

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The Daily Dram is a fairly new independent bottler owned by Dutch importer Bresser & Timmer. As some other independent bottlers, they like to put remarkable pictures on their bottled that are not really related to whisky. Their latest series displays all kind of poisinous frogs (luckily not existing in the Netherlands, but you never know with the climate change and all). To finalise the blind tasting competition, we got a a-typical Ben Nevis from this series.


At first quite a lot of hints of plastic, and it appears very rubbery. Then parts of cooked sweet apples with raisins, leather, and more apples, smoked this time. The dirty side is rather predominant at first with additional notes of foam, rubber and plastic, but it just stays within acceptable borders (at least for my nosing buds). Some muddy raisins, dirty calvados (this would be interesting), and again a rubber smoky side lurking in the background. I think we might call in the water brigade to get rid of the overly dirty side. Oh yes, much fruitier apples, it becomes fresher with more sherry and fresher/younger leather.


Lots of raisins, red berries and leather. There is some smoke, more than detectable in the nose, and again apples and pears. Reasonably forceful and fairly drying on the palate. More leather, magazines, and a slightly metallic side. It remains rather closed, but lets add some water and see if we can open it up. Better with more sand, more fruits, and a few spices. I find pepper, hot peppers and cardamon,. It becomes greener with herbs like persil and more minerals. More towards gets Clynelish and mezcally. A reasonably long aftertaste.


A difficult one with a profile that is not typically Ben Nevis (my guess was indeed a completely different distillery). Very dirty, lots of muddy sherry. A profile that not to everyone’s taste. I would not call a daily dram, but still an interesting selection by this bottler.

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Whiskybase: 85.50 (8 votes)
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these are my personal views, so do not take them too seriously… nothing beats tasting these for yourself •

Cask influence
Nose 86.5%
Taste 87%
Balance 86%
Depth 87%
Finish 86.5%