Arran 2006 Trebbiano Casks

"This limited release of Arran was particularly good on the nose, although the palate left it a little behind expectation, perfect to take you back to that holiday in Toscane"

(Photo from Whiskybase)

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Trebbiano is the most planted grape variety in Italy and its product counts for around one third of all the white wine, including the famous Chianti  wines. The Trebbiano grapes appears to be an old variety, since it was already known in Roman times. Most people, including me might be more familiar with the France name for the Trebbiano variety, which is Ugni Blanc. In France, the Ugni Blanc is used in French white wines, but also to distillate cognac and armagnac. The Trebbiano/Ugni Blanc grapes apparently tend to yield rather undistinguished wines,  but they are described as fresh and fruity. The Arran Distillery have used Trebbiano casks before to mature their whisky, and the subject of this review has recently been released as an exclusive to the Netherlands.


The first impression is fresh, light and fruity. Very friendly on the nose. Orange juice, barley and peaches are the most pronounced. When I close my eyes I get images of sunny Italian hills covered with vines. Toffee, nougat, those lovely Italian cookies (I forget their name), orange sweets, and yes, a hint of amaretto, and strawberry yoghurt. A fruity and lovely nose.


The same softness is present in the palate. It is sweetish fresh, light fruity,  I would call it very spring-ish. Some white fruits, nouga, white wine, some freshly baked breads. It is fairly simple on the palate compared to the nose, which often happens with wine finishes. A short but nice finish where the nougat returns.


This limited release of Arran was particularly good on the nose, although the palate left it a little behind expectation. I guess this would be a nice starter for the a tasting session before all the big guns are coming.

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Whiskybase: 85.75 (18 votes)
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Cask influence
Nose 86%
Taste 83.5%
Balance 85%
Depth 83%
Finish 85%