About me

About me

Hi there, dear reader! 

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog! Let me use this oppurtunity to introduce myself. My name is Jürgen, a day-time biochemical scientist with a spare-time passion for whisky and other spirits. Working and living in the eastern part of the Netherlands, we enjoy our self-planted garden, the historical city centre, and hiking or biking in the nearby nature. In the evenings my activities are often accompanied by the smell and taste of a good dram.

Looking back, my interest in whisky took off in the summer of 2004, when I visited Scotland and decided that, while I was at there, I should at least take the time ot taste some Scotch. I believe it I gathered some mini-size bottles from the Bowmore standard range. Although my first impression involved liquid wood, these experiences formed the first stones in the path of my journey, and arriving back home, I could not withstand a trip to the local liquor store and return with a bottle of the Talisker 10 years, still one of my favourites. It took me some years in which I bought the occasional bottle, whichever caught my interest in the shop, but I did not concern myself with any further exploration. Then around 2012, after being disappointed by the most recent bottle that I bought, I decided to take a leap into the water of life. I acquired ‘The taste of Whisky’ written by Hans Offringa, a famous Dutch whisky writer, which discribes different styles of Scotch from different regions using some of the standard distillery bottlings. A selection of proposed single malts were ordered and my first tasting comparison started. An eye-opener. I remember amongst others the punchy smoke of the Ardbeg 10, the smooth fruits of the Glenmorangie Original, the honied subtleties of the Dalwhinnie 15, and the re-appearance of the coastal peat of the Talisker 10. You can imagine that this rocketed the progression of my journey, in fact, this was where it actually started. What followed was more bottles, many samples, in particular after discovering the bottle sharing Facebook group, more books, the extension towards other spirits, and since 2015 this blog.

So why did I started blogging? For once, for a long time I wanted to write. Small pieces, long stories, tasting notes, whatever, it doesn’t matter. I was writing scientific papers for more then a decade, but I felt restricted by common scientific language, structural rules and correctional comments. Therefore, I was looking for an opportunity the spread my writing wings under another subject. At one moment I realised that it was under my nose, literally. While learning to use WordPress, I prepared myself for sharing my thoughts of my exciting journey into the world of whisky and other spirits. Which brings me to my second reason, sharing. When you start exploring whisky, you soon realise that there many different bottlings, and you have no idea where to go next. I mean, tasting everything crossed my mind, but that was slightly restricted by time, money and my liver. The world wide web proved to be my biggest friend (and ocassional enemy). The blogs and vlogs of the likes of Ralfy, Serge, Ruben, the Whiskybase database, and many others, provided me with guidence, and above all, inspiration. I learned which blogs related most to my own taste for which style of whisky. Actually, that helped to learn many things about my own taste. I also made the fascinating observation that I could train my oilfactory system to detect an increasing amount of different smells and tastes and make it more sensitive for subtle differences. So when I started this blog, I wanted to give something of what I learned back to the world wide web, and help others during their own journey.

Sláinte to a tasteful journey!