Mezan Jamaica 2005 (Worthy Park)

Review 2017-057 «Specifics» Rum • Vintage 2005 • Bottled in 2016 • Double distilled  from molasses using a Forsyth’s copper pot still  • 40.0% Alcohol • Matured in the tropics and England for a total of 10 years in a bourbon cask • Only lightly filtered • Natural coloured • Unsweetened • Sourced from Worthy Park (St. Catherine, Jamaica) • Bottled by Mezan •  United Kingdom • Limited availability (undisclosed number of bottles) • Still available (price ±€40)

STORY. Mezan is a UK-based independent bottler of Caribbean rums that was founded by Neil Mathieson. Part of the maturation occurs in England, and they offer a number of limited releases along with a blend of Jamaican rums. They have a nice website, in which they advertise their unadulterated rums, which are mostly bottled at 40% (although they switched to 46% for the latest three releases).


APPEARANCE. Stylish and modest design, colour of the contents is straw yellow and appears to have its natural colour.

NOSE. It starts off with heated squashed banana and a more vegetal banana scent. This could this be the scent of banana leaves, but that would a guess as I never nosed them. Following are yellow orchard fruits, in particular lots of peach. I can imagine that this side resembles a good bourbon-matured Speysider or Highlander and is quite attractive for a malt enthausiast. In addition, I find chamomile herbal tea, a light note of honey, some herbs (perhaps basil), mint and some wood spices. However, this rum is primarily spirit driven. (water) This brings out more flowers and it becomes somewhat nutty along with more honey and cream. The balance is perfect.

TASTE. Here are unripe bananas, pineapple pieces, along with a hint of mint, some spicy honey, the aforementioned orchard fruits, and unripe mangos, or these could be unripe nectarines. It is all very creamy and I definitely get mango cream sauce. Also there are sweet liquorice and guava. This rum is very gently and every flavour is well integrated. (water) Flowers, herbs like sage, mint, herbal liquorice, apple cakes, and almonds are all there along with a slightly drying finish. The strength seems much higher than 40%.

VERDICT. This was my first independently bottled rum, and the first from Jamaica (I know, I am quite of a newbe) and I really liked it. Perfect strength, although it is only 40%, and a lovely balance. I guess this is one of the friendlier Jamaicans, or Worthy Parks, based on the descriptions I read from other independent rums. Mezan now also has released a 46% version of this (recently reviewed by Ralfy). Oh, and the price is very nice!

Recommended for malt maniacs who are new to rum and want to explore the independently bottlings.

I purchased a bottle at Drankgigant.

«What others say»

  • @Rumratings: Mean score of 7.0/10 (2 votes)
  • Serge @Whiskyfun: “Plainly malternative. A very lovely bottle, all elegance and freshness” Score: 89/100
  • @Benwhisky: “A rich and interesting spirit but none of the fireworks from the others [single cask spirits]” Score: A+
  • @Phillipstorry: “A very good aged rum” Score: 4/5
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