200th review: Glen Scotia 1992 SS

"Wow, quite a sensation this dram. I really loved the dirtiness of the sherry! The development of the nose and palate is very enjoyable and the interplay between the dirty and fruity sides is perfect"

(Photo from Whiskybase)

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“Great vintage for enthusiasts amateurs” is advertised on the website of Silver Seal, an independent Italian whisky and rum bottler with great reputation build up over the last decades. They also state that they “have always believed that excellence cannot be for everyone… our attention is turned to those who do not like to give up”. True statement, while that might also explain the exclusive nature of their releases with fairly high prices. Nonetheless, I was quite happy that I could taste something of this release, a Glen Scotia from 1992 from a sherry cask. And some of you might know, sherry and Glen Scotia can form an very intriguing combination that often push the sherry to the dirty side (and we have to confess that we like dirty sherry). It is also my 200th review on WhiskyWobbles, so let’s hope that the sherry and spirit went into a good marriage!


The nose open with wet worn leather jackets and a dusty concrete parking garage with leaked oil from an old rusty car. I guess we are already on the right track… Some slightly overdue cinnamon cake from your grandma. Waiting for about 15 minutes brings more fruits with in particular blueberries. Yeah lots and lots of them, I am really thinking of blueberry cinnamon muffins (do these exist? Otherwise we discovered a new favourite here). Furthermore, hints of cough sirup, mint chocolate, mint tea, more blueberries joined by a few blackberries, and maybe even raspberries. A very lovely development with (you might have guessed it) more blueberries, cinnamon buns and berry liquor. There is a slight burned note (grandma might have slightly burned the cinnamon cake, she is getting old) and an oily rag with residual cleaning spirit and a touch of old cars, we’re back in the garage. Wonderful and exciting nose!


Oily, dusty, old rags, car furniture, old leather chairs with a glass of old and slightly stale sherry and long kept nuts. It appears that there is not that much freshness in this spirit, and it might not appear very attractive to the reader, but it is righteously good. I mean, man, I like this s**t (I might have forgotten some asterisks there). And wait, there is some freshness coming up from some blueberries joined by a few blackberries and a single raspberries. A winning combo, and again a lovely development. Also here a few drops of berry liquor, and it tends to become sweeter. A little box with old raisins (I used to get those on Birthday parties when I was a child) and old bread, and a faint hint of smoke in the finish.  Hints of dissolved metal, electrifying, like putting your tongue to a live wire (low voltage, obviously), and more of those wonderful blueberries in the aftertaste. Should I add some water, maybe? Nah. Long, long aftertaste. Just great.


Wow, quite a sensation this dram. I really loved the dirtiness of the sherry! The development of the nose and palate is very enjoyable and the interplay between the dirty and fruity sides is perfect. In fact, I cannot find many things wrong with this whisky. And I think that many modern sherry bombs would seem fairly standard in comparison. Too bad, we do not find many of these Glen Scotia’s around, but the greater the joy that I could have tasted a sample of this one. Maybe another example before the 400th review?

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Whiskybase: 89.94 (65 votes) * Serge Valentin @Whiskyfun: 80/100
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these are my personal views, so do not take them too seriously… nothing beats tasting these for yourself •

Cask influence
Nose 90%
Taste 91%
Balance 90.5%
Depth 92%
Finish 91%