10 Years of whisky tasting

Although I just recently started with this website, the whisky tasting itself has already taken place for more ten years. Well, to be specific, in May this year it was exactly 10 years ago that I sat in a hotel room in Edinburgh with my first tasting set of Bowmore miniatures. At the time this set comprised the 12 and 17 year old standard expressions, accompanied by “The Darkest from the no. 1 Vault”. I kept the card box containers,  and now I read the description of the latter, I find it remarkable, as the no. 1 Vault of Bowmore is nowadays acclaimed to deliver exquisite whisky (exemplified recently by the first release of a new series). Anyway, to bring up memories from my first tasting session, I recently bought the new set of Bowmore miniatures. The 12 year old is still present, while the 17 years old got an upgrade to 18 years. “The Darkest” gained an age statement of 15 years, but lost its statement of originating from the famous no.1 Vault.

Before starting my reminiscing experience, I am considering the influence of tasting more whiskies and other good spirits in the interbellum. Must be something of a hundred, which can be considered a lot or not, depending on how you look at it. They did change my sensory apparatus, however. I gained a higher sensitivity, and in particular my distinctive powers were increased. Sounds a bit superheroish, but that is what I realised over the years, going from dram to dram. More importantly I learned to recognize my favourites. A process that includes many not so incredible wonderful tasting whiskies, and when coming back to some of the originals, realising that these were just great.

My first impression when I took my first sniff of a whisky, I do not remember. The first idea entering my mind when I took my first sip, I do though. Dissolved wood. Bitter, pungent liquified wood. Damn that was something different. Curious what all will think about after all those years…

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